Membership – May, 2016

Fran Pieri - Membership Officer

Fran Pieri – Membership Officer

Our next luncheon will be Thursday, May 12th at The Elks Lodge in Garden Grove. Hanger doors open at 1000, lunch at1200. Come early to get a good seat and table. When you come this time, try to bring a friend who may or may not be interested in joining ANA and the GRAMPS SQDN. We really need some new members. There are those of us who cannot drive for some reason, so why don’t you be a good person and offer them a ride. I’m sure they would appreciate it. Also, if you have any old books or magazines lying around and you don’t know what to do with them, bring them with you and display them on the table near the front door. We may have some new copies of The Wings of Gold at this meeting. If any of these books are left there at the end of the luncheon, they are taken to The Veterans Hospital in Long Beach . FRAN


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