Officers and Contact

Officers of Grampaw Pettibone Squadron

As the Staff Officers of GPS, we are here to keep everything running smoothly and assist members as needed. Please contact the appropriate Staff Officer with your questions and/or comments.

Commanding Officer- Tim Brown –
Executive Officer – Vincent van den Brink 
Operations Officer – Cindy Macha 
Admin Officer – David Franzen 
Treasurer – Ray LeCompte 
Membership Officer – Sel Ramsay 
Public Affairs Officer – Dave Malmad 
Chaplain – Bill Thompson 
Greeter/Raffle – Ed Mason

Staff Officers Monthly Meeting
When: The 1st Thursday of January, February, May, August and November.

Special Meetings: As directed by the C.O.

Where: Usually at Garden Grove Elks Lodge but contact the C.O. in advance if you have not received a reminder email or if you intend to attend to observe and are not on the staff.