Mild Memory Lapses


Memory: Mild memory lapses such as forgetting where you put your keys or eyeglasses, though worrisome, are normal. But certain memory problems, such as putting your car keys in the refrigerator, may indicate more serious issues,as would memory loss that disrupts daily activities such as balancing a checkbook, driving, or frequently forgetting appointments or where you parked your car. Other warning signals such as forgetting whole conversations , forgetting the names of family or close friends, frequently repeating yourself or asking the same questions in the same conversation. There are a number of things that you can do to help reduce the risk of developing memory problems: keeping cholesterol and blood pressure low, not smoking or drinking too much, eating a healthy diet, engaging in lots of social, activity- such as Gramps- and keeping your brain active by reading, writing. learning a new skill, playing games, and gardening. As part of the aging process, it can be harder for some people to recall certain types of information, such as the names of individuals. Mild cognitive impairment however is a condition characterized by a memory deficit beyond that expected for age, but is not sufficient to impair daily activities. Some memory helpers are big calendars to remind you of important dates and events, “to do” lists for each day, notes about safety in the home, written directions for using common household items.(Alzheimer patients can still read). Family members can help in living normally, help him or her stay active, go places, and keep up daily routines, remind them to take medicines, or visit the doctor..


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