Get Your Flu Shots


As of November only about 2 of 5 people in the United States reported having gotten this season’s flu vaccine, although this vaccine offered substantial benefits last season by preventing an estimated 5 million flu illnesses and 71,000 flu hospitalizations. Flu vaccine last season is estimated to have reduced the amount of flu illnesses and hospitalizations by 19%. There were an estimated 25 million illnesses and 310,000 flu hospitalizations in the United States last year. While vaccination is the first and best way to prevent flu, CDC recommends influenza antiviral drugs as a second tool to fight flu; they are recommended for people at risk of serious complications or people who are very sick with the flu.Flu vaccination activity drops after November, but flu activity has peaked between December and February about 75% of the time and flu can be active until May, meaning that vaccination after November WOULD STILL OFFER SUBSTANTIAL PROTECTION DURING MOST SEASONS- so GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!


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