C.O. Briefing – February 2017


We had a great speaker at the meeting in January. Captain Marc “Mad Marc” Liebman related his experiences as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Marc gave us the background on SAR activities during his two tours operating mainly from the USS Sterrett (DLG-31). I have already read his first two books and have purchased 3 and 4. I am looking forward to having the time to enjoy the reading. Cindy is in discussions with Marc to return to tell us about his experiences as a helicopter pilot participating in “Special Operations” in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm.

This month we have Colonel Jason “Woody” Woodworth as our speaker. I believe that Woody has spoken to our group before, when he was C.O. of VMFA-323, many years ago. After he talked to us he took the Snakes on deployment and then went off to England to get more highly educated. Now he is the C.O. of MCAS Miramar. At the time that I am writing this column I do not know what subject Woody is going to cover but I do know that it will be an interesting story. We might also be presenting awards to the SOQs for NWSSB at this meeting and if we do, please take time to introduce yourself to the sailors. You will find that they are quite sharp.

The latest issue of Wings of Gold  should be coming out soon. I do hope that we get some “ink” this time. The folks at the “Head Shed” know that we are a very active group but I like to advertise that fact to the rest of the ANA squadrons and to the world with articles in WOG. There should be something in this next issue so watch out for it!

Thanks to all of our members and their guests who continue to participate by attending the luncheons. So long as we keep our numbers up we will be able to get speakers of note. I long for the days when we had over 100 attendees. Those were the days! Anyway, just keep on coming and Cindy will keep lining up great speakers who present subjects of interest that stir memories and/or questions of “how (or why) did they do that?” Come join us and also please volunteer to work on the staff. See you soon.


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