C.O. Briefing – July 2017


Tim Brown – C.O. GPS

Our speaker last month, Col Bob Ettinger, gave us a riveting tale about his mid-air while flying an F-102 Delta Dagger and his survival in frigid waters off the Japanese coastline. (Read Dave Malmad’s summary in other parts of the OpPlan). This month, LtCol Leroy Mills, USAF (Ret), will describe for us the technology and strategic use of satellite imagery during his time in that community. I hope that we continue to have a large number of members and guests attend and enjoy the presentation. At the meeting in August we will again honor the Sailors of the Quarter from NWSSB.

Last month, I was unable to find a good image of Joe Murphy, a new member and staff officer. Joe has volunteered to handle the duties of the Audio Visual Officer, a job that entails setting up and maintaining the computers and projector used by our speakers when they make their presentations to GPS. I now have a good image and it is in the issue of the OpPlan. Thank you Joe for volunteering to help out.

Joe Murphy

Dick Fields, who formerly did the AV job, continues on as staff photographer, providing the excellent images of the speakers, SOQ’s, winners, staff members and new members. Even though Dick is not occupying the AV and PAO billets, I know that I can always count on him to help the “new” guys on the job when push comes to shove.

As many of you know, Carol Fields has been at the “reception” desk (where you pays your money to get into the show) for many years, and stepped up to be the leader of the Welcoming Committee when Dolores Hardy retired. Carol has been getting some help from Chris Kretsinger who has taken over the job in Carol’s absences. Now, Carol is ready to step down and Chris will be the person who welcomes our members to the luncheons. Thank you to both, Carol for taking over for Dolores and handling that job for many years, and Chris for stepping up and taking on the responsibilities of the Welcome Table.

Chris Kretzinger

Finally, I remind you that we need your participation in Gramps to keep our organization viable. Your attendance at the luncheons is most important. We have a small markup on what the Elks charge so we get a couple of dollars from each meal. This helps pay for the SOQ Awards Program. Another source of revenue are the donations from our members whom we label “Great Guys” in the OpPlan. Recently, we received a substantial contribution from Maj Dennis Bowen, USMC (Ret). Denny was our GPS Commanding Officer “way back when” I was a new member. Thanks Denny, your donation will really help. And, finally, please consider volunteering as a stall member or at least assisting a staff member with their duties. It always helps to have that extra hand.

I hope to see you at our meeting on 13 July or at least hearing from you via phone, USPS or email.


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