C.O. Briefing May 2019


Did you receive your copy of the Spring 2019 issue of Wings of Gold?  Did you notice that Dave Malmad and Bill Thompson were able to get Dave Kennedy, Editor of WOG, to include the names of the local restaurants in the published article on pages 40 and 41?  For many years we have had a core of owners and managers of those restaurants who believe in our goal to support active duty sailors who perform their job assignments consistently at very high levels.  In that regard, I hope that you can support those restaurants and that you let the manager/owner know that you, personally and as a member of GPS, appreciate what they are doing. Again, nice work Dave and Bill.

At our last meeting, Chris Kretsinger informed me that she will not be able to continue as a staff member after the meeting in May.  Chris has been sitting next to Ray LeCompte at the “Welcoming” table for a number of years – since Dolores Hardy retired from the job.  She has done a great job of greeting our members and guests while collecting the payments for lunch and Great Guys contributions. Thank you, Chris!  Now, the question is: who steps up to take her place?

The Naval Helicopter Association is holding its 2019 Symposium in Alpine. California, May 15 through the 18th.  I am hoping to attend on 16 May which is a Thursday.  I will be looking for speakers plus meeting old and new friends.  I understand that Marc Liebman who spoke to us before, will be on the Writer’s Panel that will be held 1400-1530.  I have never attended an NHA event so it will all be new to me. If anyone wants to go with me, let me know, either by phone, text or email.  I will be leaving in the morning from Cypress early enough to make it to Alpine by 1000.

That is it for now.  Please try to attend our meetings and bring a friend.  Please volunteer to help out by becoming a staff officer.  Lots of small projects to go around. We will be honoring the NWSSB SOQs this next meeting.  Hope to see you.


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