C.O. Briefing July 2019


We had a great meeting last month. CDR Todd Pike gave us a brief on his helicopter squadron, HSC-6, and Bill Thompson did a great job with the Sailors of the Quarter presentations. Bill was able to get his article about the SOQs printed in a couple of local papers so the word is getting out. Cindy Macha is doing a great job getting us speakers in the face of fewer and fewer active duty sources in the area. Thanks to both Cindy and Bill, and to all of the staff members.

Some of the members of the staff are working through our membership list to confirm that each of the members of ANA Grampaw Pettibone Squadron are receiving Wings of Gold and the OP-Plan. If you have not been contacted yet, you should contact me so I can make sure that we have your correct information. If you are not receiving the magazine but you are receiving our emails, you may not have renewed your ANA membership.

I am starting to get concerned about “hiring” Bill Thompson’s replacement as SOQ Awards Officer. It is a big job, I must admit. Don Pageler has been helping Bill for a year or so but then Don screwed up his hip, leg and mobility. He tells me that he will continue to help but he does not want to run the show. Whoever takes over should live near Seal Beach, be retired military and be capable of interacting with the senior NCOs at the base. Another part of the job is going around to the restaurants in the area (Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach) to collect gift certificates/coupons to be given to the SOQs.  It is an enjoyable and fulfilling activity to interact with today’s sailors.  As one of our former staff members who has previously done the job once said, “In my time overseeing the program I especially enjoyed meeting and working with the Chiefs, and interfacing with the sailors at the luncheons.”  There are more parts that Bill plays but we (Bill and I) can explain them more fully when we sit down to iron out the details. By the way, if two of you want to get together to take over for Bill, that is OK too.

And to round out my request for things: please bring friends and family members to our meetings. We need new members and each of you is a great recruiter, you just don’t know it yet. Thanks for listening and see you on 11 July.


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