Stories From Our Members, Sixth Edition


The Grampaw Pettibone Squadron salutes the contributors to our story hour and to our 6th edition.  The squadron community appreciates your outpouring of creativity.  Your stories are inspiring, amazing and amusing.

We look forward to the light at the end of this Coronavirus tunnel.  We are ready to zoom out into the open, instead of Zooming on line.  We crave the sumptuous meals at our favorite restaurants or light snack while sitting on a patio over-looking the beach or nearby mountains.  Many of us miss the opportunity to partake in our favorite outdoor past-time or gather with friends and exchange stories.

But for now, we have to confine ourselves to staying safe, limited to our home and attempting to fill the passing hours with whatever passion we find within our individual environments.  If we are part of the essential workforce, we continue to perform needed service as safely as possible.

We hope for a speedy and safe end to this current drama.  While we all wait, enjoy the latest stories.  Click the links below and get reading!

Lucky Day

Kern River Valley Ride

We encourage you to reach out and share with the group your own experiences.  Click here:  LEARN HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY TODAY!


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