Stories From Our Members, Seventh Edition


The Grampaw Pettibone Squadron presents the 7th edition of our story hour for your consideration.  We thank those members and past contributors for their submissions.  I hope all who are reading the stories are enjoying them.

As we move closer to a the new normal, I hope we can continue to share stories such as these, whether online or in person.  I encourage all readers to consider submitting their own stories to be shared with our readers.  This week’s contribution contains both serious as well as humorous moments.

The Crow by James Allen

Toga Party by James Allen

If you are healthy and have not experienced any illness related to the virus, stay that way.  If you have been exposed and are recovering, we hope for a speedy and full recovery.

While we all wait, enjoy the latest stories.  We encourage you to reach out and share with the group your own experiences.  Click here:  LEARN HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY TODAY!


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