Skipper – Registration is still open: ANA-TPP Panel this Tues, May 25 (DMO: Who you gonna call? The Carrier Air Wing)

Skipper – Sharing a reminder that our next ANA-TPP (virtual, no cost) panel is this Tuesday, May 25th from 4-6pm EDT – please reinforce the word to your local squadron 

Theme:  Distributed Maritime Operations: Who you gonna call? The Carrier Air Wing” featuring Keynote Speaker: VADM Jeffrey Hughes, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfighting Development, N7, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.

Confirmed Panelists:
*RADM John Meier, Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic
*RADM Shane Gahagan, PEO, Tactical Aircraft Programs, PEO(T)
*RADM Carl P. Chebi, Deputy PEO, F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office, Deputy PEO (F-35)
*RDML Eric Ruttenberg, Chief Engineer, Naval Information Warfare Systems Command

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The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfighting Development (DCNO N7) is charged with advancing Navy Warfighting advantage in order to deter, dissuade and deny, or defeat adversaries.  N7’s mission and functions follow three broad, interrelated lines of effort: warfighter development, warfare development, and warfighting corps development.

Specifically, N7:

  1. Establishes and maintains the Navy’s strategy and communicates it with a single voice to internal and external audiences;
  2. Ensures that strategy guides navy-wide processes including CNO guidance to the POM, concept development, and the development of material and non -material solutions to our key operational problems;
  3. Aligns the Naval education enterprise with strategy, improves how the navy utilizes its flagship educational institutions, and selectively tailors employment of its most academically successful personnel;
  4. Advances warfighting development more quickly and effectively through wargames, exercises, experiments, tests, and studies;
  5. Empowers individuals to provide their insights and discoveries to drive necessary change; and
  6. Ensures a supply of warrior-scholars, leaders who are both superb warfighters and exceptional thinkers, to advance future warfighting development for the navy.

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