Sexism, Racism, and Other Prejudices


It’s sad to note that in our time many people feel free to act out their prejudices regardless of who may be harmed. How do we begin to get a handle on the harm that is being done to people because of someone’s ignorance and/ or self righteousness? Where do we begin if we desire to curb such undesirable behaviors? I remember an AP article, I think in 1994, that really caught my attention. It was about farmers in India who were angry with their government. It seemed that the government tried to improve farm conditions by importing dung from another country. I think it was England. When the Indian farmers learned what was being done, they were furious. They argued that they did not want the dung from England because, as they said, “Our dung is much better than their dung!”. And so they refused to accept the plan of the government. There must be a simple message in that report that will be a place for us begin to get rid of our self-righteousness and prejudices against people we feel are different and inferior from us. Let’s explore the things we have in common. Prejudices may fade as we recognize the things we have in common.


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