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Mother’s Day is a day for all of us to honor our mothers.  We’ve done that, I’m sure, a lot of times.  But what do you do when you have no mother to honor because of her death?  Maybe you honor the mother of your children–if that is a possibility.  One year as pastor of the congregation at the Joint Forces Training base, I invited a Gold Star mother to speak to us on Mother’s Day, and we invited the Gold Star Mothers at the National Gold Star Mothers Manor in Long Beach to join us on that occasion.  About six or seven from the Home joined us for the worship service.  We loved them as if they were our real mothers.  I think they must have reached out to us as if we were there adopted children.  It was a service to be long remembered.  If you have no mother for Mother’s Day, I recommend that you find a Gold Star Mother, and pay her your respects.


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