ANA Lifetime Membership

Fran Pieri - Membership Officer

Fran Pieri – Membership Officer

Our next luncheon will be Thursday, October 9th. Come early to get a good seat and table with your friends and please bring a friend. Tell them about our last month’s speaker and his experiences in the SR-71.

HEY! Everyone, I just got some new info on membership. Lifetime Membership is now available. I’m a lifer, I don’t have to be concerned about annual dues. The good thing is, the older you are the less it costs. The clincher is if you are 90 Yrs. young or older, it’s FREE! To join ANA or to get Lifetime Membership, go to This Lifetime Membership was discontinued about six years ago and now it’s back. Now is the time to grab this before they discontinue it again. As always, carpooling is a must for those of us who cannot drive. FRAN


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