GPS Membership

Membership in The Grampa Pettibone Squadron, the Association of Naval Aviators (ANA) is open to all persons (active duty, retired, or civilian) interested in supporting and promoting Naval Aviation and the armed United States Armed forces in general.

GPS Factoids:

  • GPS has a membership of nearly 400 registered members
  • On average, our Monthly Luncheon Meetings are attended by over 100 members and their guests.
  • GPS members receive a copy of our monthly Op-Plan with many interesting articles and photos about GPS operations and current armed forces events. Beginning in 2004 our Op-Plan became available online as well.
  • The GPS website boasts an ever increasing number of articles, links, photos, etc. pertaining to armed services operations. View our Links page for more information on related organizations.

For more information, contact our Membership Officer:

Francis Pieri –


Support the Association of Naval Aviation – Join Now!

More than at any time in our history, it is vital that the American people understand the security needs of our nation. Chief among those needs is a strong air arm in our maritime forces. Our Carrier Strike Groups, Marine amphibious forces, and Coast Guard homeland defense forces, all supported by our long-range surveillance and intelligence aircraft, form the core of our strong defense. Our Mission includes the education of the general public to the overall importance of these forces in the defense of the United States and its allies, historic preservation of Naval Aviation artifacts, and stimulation of scientific and technical development for the future.

JOIN ANA!! Our operations are funded entirely by membership, corporate sponsorship, and charitable donations. Your support will greatly help the Association provide that vital education as ANA plays a leading role in shaping the dialogue necessary to ensure that we maintain Naval Aviation as the key element of a strong Navy, America’s most potent force for peace.

By being a member of ANA, not only will your participation improve our National Security by supporting the Association’s advocacy, outreach, education, and awards programs, but you will be able to enjoy the camaraderie of local squadrons and the stories in our quarterly magazine Wings of Gold, take advantage of networking opportunities afforded by our communication media, reconnect with former squadron mates and other friends from naval aviation, and participate in educational and historical activities centered around naval aviation.