C.O. Briefing – December 2016

Tim Brown - C.O. GPS

Tim Brown – C.O. GPS

This is my time to thank the staff and everyone else who has helped Gramps through another great year. First, I want to thank three of our members who have “retired” from active participation as Staff Officers but remain active in the organization, George, Fran and Paula.. George Del Gaudio continues to help out with the Sailor of the Quarter (“SOQ”) Awards Program despite some health and transportation issues. He is our go-to guy when we have questions about the SOQ Program. I bet that you folks who attend the luncheons never noticed a drop in quality of the program when Bill Thompson took over for George. That was the result in large part to George’s efforts in conjunction with Bill’s attention to detail and very diligent work. Thank you both.

Fran and Paula Pieri, the familiar faces at the membership table when you first come in the door, have moved to Oceanside. They quickly figured out that the drive is too much. They turned over the Membership Officer duties to Sel Ramsay. We will really miss you guys. Fran and Paula did an excellent job as co-Membership Officers. Sel has hit the ground running and is already proposing ideas to the staff regarding building our membership. Thank you all.

The rest of the staff soldiers on. Vince van den Brink has been especially helpful this year. Vince moved up to Executive Officer after it was left empty for quite a long time for a lack of a volunteer to take over for Bob Anctil. Vince did a great job running a few meetings when I was absent. Thank you Vince. Hal continues to produce an exceptional OpPlan each month. I use the OpPlan to introduce potential new members to Gramps and it is always a pleasure to send a copy to active duty personnel. Thank you Hal and Vince.

Dick and Carol Fields are just awesome. Dick is our audio/video guy, photographer and also does the write-up on the Speaker’s presentation. OK, every once in a while he is not at the luncheon and Bob Cashman fills in admirably with a very professional “substitute” column. Carol continues greeting members and collecting luncheon fees with Dolores’ assistance. Dolores has passed the job of Treasurer to Ray LeCompte who is ably assisted by his wife, Joy. Thank you Dick, Carol, Bob, Dolores, Ray and Joy.

Cindy Macha is a relatively new addition to the staff but has done an outstanding job of getting very interesting and informative speakers for our luncheons. She has also been a thoughtful and creative addition to our “think tank” which is also known as the staff. Doc Helton has had some medical challenges this year but he continues to attend our luncheons to remind us to get our flu shots and to keep us current on other medical conditions that may be relevant to our members. Andy Benjock and Ed Mason have been a great addition to the staff. Their constant presence at the front table to get your involvement in supporting the SOQ Awards Program through the 50/50 has been a real boost to our treasury. Thank you Cindy, Doc, Ben and Ed.

So now it is my time to say Happy Holidays to all of our members and friends. I want to remind you that we always appreciate any monetary gifts you might make to Gramps. Your entire contribution goes to support the SOQ Program, printing and mailing of the OpPlan and/or maintenance of our website: www.gpsana.org. All of the best to you and your families in the coming year.


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