C.O. Briefing – March, 2017


We had a really good meeting in February. Our speaker was Colonel Jason “Woody” Woodworth, USMC, Commanding Officer of MCAS Miramar. Very interesting and informative. Thank you Cindy Macha for setting it up and making it happen. We also recognized the Sailors of the Quarter from NWSSB and NMC. Thank you to Senior Chief Kirby Lee for acting as MC during the presentations of certificates to the “winners”. Besides the sailors, one of the spouses of a SOQ (MN3 Anthony Copple who was Junior SOQ from NMC) also attended, Mrs. Sasha Coppel. Thank you to Bill Thompson and Sel Ramsay for their work on the program and awards.

At the last meeting, Dave Malmad stepped up and took over the role of PAO from Dick Fields. Dick has been performing so many different functions and finally Carol put her foot down and “suggested” that we get a new PAO. Dave stepped forward and his first column as PAO is included in the OpPlan. Thank you Dave. We also had some help from Joe Murphy, a new member, who stepped up to help with the audio/visual portion of the program. Even though our speaker did not have a Power Point Presentation and did not use our computer or projector, it is nice to know that Joe is available. Thank you, Joe.

Tim’s Grandson Noah
Minor and Gramps member
Paul Otto at 2017 Desert
Outing at NAF El Centro

On 24 February Ray and I attended Desert Outing 2017 down at NAF El Centro where we went to watch the Blue Angels practice for their upcoming season. I understand that they will be performing at the Second Annual Huntington Beach Air Show sometime in October, I think. In any event, Ray and I will enjoy it (I am writing this column a week before we go). With that said, Ray has asked me to inquire whether there is a volunteer out there to help Ray set up the tables with center piece flags and table numbers; hang the ANA banners; and then after the meeting, help him take down the banners and gather the center pieces to be packed away until the next meeting. Not much heavy lifting but you have to get there a little early and be willing to stay a little while afterwards. Ask Ray what his duties entail, and he will fill you in before you volunteer. Anyway it does not have to be for both before and after, one or the other is also fine.

Thanks for your continued support of Gramps either by attending our luncheons or sending in contributions to the treasury, or both. I hope to see you at a future meeting.


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