C.O. Briefing – February 2018


Tim Brown – C.O. GPS

Lance LeCompte has been the Webmaster for the Grampaw Pettibone Squadron Website at www.gpsana.org from day one. He created a very professional and polished site and then maintained it for about 8 years. He gave us a tool for all of us to advertise GPS and announce to the world what we are doing on a monthly basis. I, for one, have been very proud to direct prospective members and speakers to go to our website to get more information about GPS. It has been a superlative tool for Cindy, Bill, Sel and me when we are trying to convince somebody to join or to come speak to our group. All thanks and praise goes to Lance. I am sad to say that Lance is being forced by the demands of his day job to pass the duties of GPS Webmaster to a capable replacement by the name of Viki Nazarian who will be updating the Website for the first time this month. Lance, being the consummate gentleman and business person, is helping Viki during the transition. I just want to thank Lance for all of his hard work over these many years. You made me (and GPS) look good to the world out there. All of the best to you and Thank You!

Do you know how many years Hal McDonnel has been editing the OpPlan? Neither do I. Ask Hal the next time that you talk to him. Just like the Website, the OpPlan is a “tool” that GPS cannot do without. It tells all of the members what is going on with GPS and announces our next speaker. Cindy, Sel, Bill and I also use the OpPlan when we first meet a prospective member or speaker. It is the one thing that we can actually hand out when we first meet somebody. It is wonderfully produced and we cannot do without it. I want to thank Hal for his great work and the very professional product that he produces every month. He must be very proud of his handiwork, I really appreciate it and you, as members, should too. Perhaps you will take the time to thank Hal for all of his efforts and time that he puts into producing the OpPlan. And maybe, just maybe, you will thank him for his many, many years of service to GPS.

This month we will honor the Sailors of the Quarter for the Weapons Station and NMC. Always a fun occasion and it gives us a chance to talk to active duty personnel who are doing superlative work for us. I want to congratulate Bill Thompson for getting front page coverage, including photographs, of the SOQ awards program in 3 local newspapers. Great job Bill! And, congratulations to Dave Malmad, our PAO, who continues to get great coverage in the form of columns/articles in the Wings of Gold magazine. Nice work and thank you.

As I do in almost every one of my columns, I will end with a request that you attend our meetings whenever possible and that you seek out new members for GPS. Bring a guest with you when you attend a luncheon please.


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