C.O. Briefing November 2019


Call to Arms!

Listen guys! We have to support the people that support us. That means that when we have the opportunity to attract a high-power speaker, we owe that speaker the courtesy of showing up to hear what he has to share with us.

Now, we all have a lot of things going on in our lives, but we have accepted the responsibility to serve as liaison between our retired/civilian community and our active duty counterparts. That means that we have the responsibility to show up and hear what our current war fighters have offered to share with tus.

Recent turnouts of our membership have been waning. We must reverse this trend. If we want to continue to be relevant, we have to continue to support those who mission means so much to us. If they take their valuable time to keep us informed, we must show them the courtesy of expressing our interest by being present for their lectures.

Please. Please! Make every effort to attend the meetings. We need your support in terms of enthusiasm and in the financial support for paying for the costs of the meeting.

This is not a trivial issue. If we intend to remain relevant, we must participate on a regular basis.


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