July 2022 The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum Update


Dear Supporters and Friends,

We have left the starting block, and we are moving forward with our development and planning for the relocation of the museum to Great Park. Our immediate needs are to cover our necessary monthly operating and planning costs. This is where your support can have the biggest impact. I am asking each of you to visit our website, www.flyingleathernecks.org, and go to the Join+Give at the top of the page, tap Donate Now and consider making a recurring monthly donation for a little as $25 dollars.

You can also become a member and make a one-time donation. Your donation will help offset our General and Administrative costs and recently contracted consultants and designers.

Thank you for your continued support. It truly does make a difference.

Semper Fidelis,

Michael J. Aguilar
Brigadier General, USMC Retired
Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum


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