Cold War Flaring Anew?


Attitudes in Russia about America have hit a Post-Soviet low. The independent Levada Center, based in Moscow, released a Poll showing that 80% of Russians have negative views of the United States. This shift in public opinion has been brewing for several years. Fueled by “inflammatory” rhetoric uttered by Vladimir Putin and demonic Portraits painted by the popular media, the trend seems to have gotten out of hand. One commentator spoke of “turning the United States into radioactive dust.” The ultra- nationalist Russian National Liberation Movement also continues to advance crack- pot theories and enhance an atmosphere of hostility. Meanwhile, Putin and his support for a Kremlin- backed war in Ukraine has hardened U.S. attitudes. A recent Gallup Poll found that 70% of  Americans have unfavorable views of Russia. ‘At the same time, a Pew Research Center Poll revealed that Europeans are decidedly not willing to resort to military force to defend a NATO ally threatened by Russian aggression. Article 5 of the NATO charter requires such defense- Only 38% of Germans would fight. Less than half of citizens in five other continental NATO countries would take up arms. only in the U.S. and Canada does the percentage surpass half. VFW


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