C.O. Briefing – January 2016

Tim Brown - C.O. GPS

Tim Brown – C.O. GPS

2015 has been an interesting year for me as your C.O. Our staff has been challenged by medical issues from the beginning of the year but I bet few, if any, of you noticed any difference, Then we had some computer problems that created some issues with respect to publishing the OpPlan in a timely manner and, again, I am of the opinion that nobody noticed except the staff members personally involved. Those are examples of what your staff does for Grampaw Pettibone Squadron without any acclaim. I want to thank the staff for another great year of service to the organization in spite of the challenges of age and machine.

As you know, Cindy Macha came on during the year to take over the position of Operations Officer notwithstanding the fact that, among other duties, she is the Executive Director of the Western Museum of Flight in Torrance. She has done an outstanding job of providing great speakers for Gramps over the last few months and has an exciting lineup for 2016. Thanks for a job well done Cindy.

That is the good news. Now, the challenges for 2016 and beyond. George Del Gaudio has resigned as SOQ Officer effective this month (December). See my column on George elsewhere in this OpPlan. We have no replacement for him. Delores Hardy has found a replacement for her as Treasurer. Ray LeCompte has volunteered. I know for a fact that he is going to rely heavily on his wife, Joy, who is actually the power (knowledge) behind the throne when it comes to bookkeeping in that family. That being said, I want to thank Ray and Joy for stepping up and volunteering. I will not forget to thank Dolores for her many years of service but I am going to hold off doing that until the transition is made…she might change her mind!

Since nobody stepped up to the plate to relieve any of the current staff members, the staff roster otherwise stays the same. This does not mean that you are off of the hook. We are all getting older and we need some relief. Hal has been producing the OpPlan for more than 20 years. He is getting tired of “herding the cats” when it comes time to put the OpPlan together and none of the staff members have turned in their column. And, there is that ongoing issue of formatting of whatever we deliver to Hal, either word processing or photos. Anyway, you get my message… we need volunteers to relieve the long-serving staff members. Finally, please try to make our luncheons. It is always good to see some of the members who have not been around much. Your presence makes our meeting that much more meaningful. Thanks to all, and see you on the 14th.


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