Membership – January 2018


As we start a new year, we welcome our new members and look forward to new programs and events in the months ahead. We meet the second Thursday of each month for lunch and program at the Elk’s Club in Garden Grove, from 1130 to 1330.


“Grampaw Pettibone” was essentially the “Dear Abby” of the magazine Naval Aviation News, written and published by the Navy at Naval Air Station Anacostia, in Arlington, Virginia. People, mostly Naval Aviators, would write in describing their adventures (or often, misadventures) and “Gramps” would answer with his admonition about what could, or should, have been done. Sometimes these were not just anecdotes of interest, but poignant lessons to the rest of us to help us avoid loss or injury. Grampaw Pettibone was like a coach.

Come join us for lunch. Now and then some of these interesting tales get told.


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