Speaker Bio: Captain Bob Olds, USN & Captain Steve Tucker, USMC


Action Taken: The Ghost Squadron of Vietnam

In the dark skies over the Ho Chi Minh trail, a stalwart group of American airmen, flew their minimally armed aircraft at low altitude and low speed to provide American ground forces with warnings of enemy forces clandestinely passing through neutral territory to prepare for attacks against American forces in the South. Using specially modified Navy antisubmarine aircraft, they flew in and dropped delicate intrusion sensing devices that, when embedded in the earth, transmit indications of enemy forces passing nearby over the Ho Chi Minh trail. These vital but dangerous missions, contributed significantly to the saving of American lives, but resulted in the deaths of many of the airmen who flew them.

Captain Bob Olds, USN and Captain Steve Tucker, USMC have researched and will describe in detail these dangerous and highly classified missions that played such a significant role on behalf of American forces in Vietnam.

 Reservations required, please call (562) 287-4846, no later than noon on Wednesday 13 November. Cost is $18 including buffet lunch. You do not need to be a member to attend but please call the reservation phone number or send email to Tim Brown.


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