C.O. Briefing – June 2016

Tim Brown, Commanding Officer

Tim Brown, Commanding Officer

We need new members. We also need to have the existing members step up and take over staff jobs from long-serving volunteers. I do not want to dwell on these issues but it would be nice if some folks would step up to the plate. We all enjoy what we do for you, our members, but it is time to turn over the duties and responsibilities to new blood, even if the replacement is older than the retiring staff members! Anyone can attend our monthly staff meetings to get an idea of what the work entails. We meet at 1145 on the first Thursday of every month at the Elk’s Lodge, on the room at the far side of the bar, away from the hallway. Our meetings last about an hour. If you wish to receive a copy of our agenda, send an email to me.

As for membership recruiting, Gramps does not charge a fee or dues for membership. The annual dues go to The Association of Naval Aviation, our national organization. These funds allow Zip Rausa to continue to publish that fine magazine, Wings of Gold. If you are not receiving your copy of WOG in the mail, you have let your membership lapse! Please renew and recruit. The best way to get people to join ANA is to invite them to one of luncheons.

NWSSB X.O. CDR Erik Franzen USN

NWSSB X.O. CDR Erik Franzen USN

Speaking of luncheons, the last one turned out pretty well. CDR Tom Cooper, USCG, the C.O. of USCG Air Station Los Angeles was able to attend and brief us on local Coast Guard operations. See Dick Fields’ article in this issue of the OpPlan. Also Bill, Sel and George put together another fine awards program. Thank you to CDR Erik Franzen, USN, Executive Officer of NWSSB for acting as MC for the program. See the column in this issue of the OpPlan for a review of the program. Thanks again to our “Sponsors”, the local restaurants who provide gift certificates to their establishments as rewards for work well-done by the SOQs. Also thank you to USAA for the nice acrylic recognition plaques that are presented to the Sailors as part of their awards package. The SOQs also receive plaques from their commands. See the photo that accompanies the SOQ column.

I have it on good authority that our Trips Officer, Vince van den Brink, is working diligently on setting up some short trips for our members and their guests. Nothing is set yet but if you have ideas for places, commands or ships that you would like to visit, contact Vince. That guidance is also appropriate for ideas on speakers who you would like to have brief us on Naval Aviation matters or related subjects. Contact Cynthia Macha, our Ops Officer. All officers have email addresses shown above and will be happy to listen to your ideas and bring them to the staff.

Finally, I would like to remind all of you that the cost of “running” Gramps is supported by the “Great Guy” contributions (that we really appreciate!), and a slight mark up in the cost of our meals provided by the Elk’s Lodge. That being said, if you attend the meeting but do not eat, would you please give Dolores or Carol $5 to help defray our costs. I have noticed a number of folks in attendance who show up to listen to the speakers but do not “chip in” something to help support the SOQ Awards Program and any costs related to getting speakers. If you can afford the $5, please help us out. We will not approach you directly if we notice this activity.

Thank you all and I will see you at our next meeting.


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