June Luncheon Pictures



Our OpPlan Editor is always looking for photos of tables of folks who attend our luncheons. This time around we have a photo of two tables. In the foreground is that Speaker’s Table with (clockwise from the foreground, left); Cindy Macha, Ops Officer; Bob Olds, former GPS CO; Fred “Buck” Dungan, WWII Ace; Willis “Bill” Hardy, WWII Ace; Doc Helton, Flight Surgeon; Vince van den Brink, XO/Trips Officer; Bob Johnson, speaker on previous occasions; and Guest Speaker, Bob Ettinger. In the background, and identifiable, is our Chaplain, Bill Thompson (front left), and then clockwise, Andy Benjock (active volunteer and Master of the 50/50), George Del Gaudio (SOQ Coordinator Emeritus ) and Ted Minter (long time member).


Keeping GPS solvent the 50-50 Winer

Lorraine Congratulates Ed Mason



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