Can You Lengthen Your Life?


Wise choices to stay healthy at 50+: 1. Get moving. Exercise can reduce the risks for age-related diseases and disability. 2 .Eat a healthy diet. 3. Pay attention to weight, especially at waist. 4. Don’t smoke or use tobacco. 5. Keep your brain active. 6. Be good to yourself. Get enough sleep. Stay in touch with family, and friends. Surround yourself with people you enjoy. 7. Get regular medical checkups. 8. Drink only in moderation. You might think that you need good genes to live longer.But genes are only part of the equation for most of us. Genes account for about one third of your chances of surviving to age 85. The vast majority of variation in how old we live is due to our health behaviors. It seems that it is not a single gene , but a combination of effects that are responsible for those who live longer. The key to healthy aging is to engage fully in lifementally, physically, and socially. The transition to older years isn’t about sitting in a rocking chair and letting the years go by. Older adults have unique experiences, intellectual capital, and emotional involvement that can be shared with the younger generation(s). This engagement is really key to helping our society move forward. I was interviewed just before Memorial Day by a high school sophomore who wanted to know what it was like during WWII , to share with her American History class. I was happy to oblige. Share your WWII experiences whenever you can!


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