C.O. Briefing, August 2018


Recently I attended a luncheon presentation by Dan Heller, Senior Docent at Lyon Air Museum. Dan told the amazing story about the Allies efforts to decipher the codes of the Germans and Japanese prior to and during World War II. One of these days you just might get a taste of his presentation at one of our luncheons. That being said, Dan and I exchanged emails (his email address is danman999@cox.net) and he sent the following message:

I am in the preliminary research stages of a book I am going to write on a Navy A-6 that was shot down near Hanoi in May of 1967. The pilot was captured and spent six years in the Hanoi Hilton, but the bombardier/navigator badly broke his leg on ejection and spent three days evading before radio contact with him was lost. From that point on; his fate remains a mystery.

I am looking for personal stories and narratives of Naval Aviation Attack Squadrons (USN/USMC) during the years 1965-1968 of the Vietnam conflict. Specifically, personnel who participated in OPERATION ROLLING THUNDER (all service branches), members of Naval Aviation Attack Squadrons (VA/VF/VMFA) and those who served on Dixie or Yankee stations. If you know anybody who meets this criteria and is willing to share their stories, I would appreciate you passing on my contact information to them. Of course you have my e-mail address and my phone number is (949) 616-4796.

If you have any leads, please get in touch with him directly.

I hope that we cleared up the issues that you/we might have had regarding delivery and receipt of the OpPlan via email. As a reminder, if you wish to receive a hard copy of the OpPlan via USPS, please contact Hal McDonnel, our OpPlan Editor, directly. Please try to recruit new members and attend our luncheons. We do enjoy your company. We will present the SOQs and make awards at our meeting this month.


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