C.O. Briefing February 2019


I want to thank the staff for another great year of serving. Without you, Grampaw Pettibone

Squadron would not be so active and vibrant.

We had a good turn out at our last meeting when we were honored to meet and greet the Sailors

of the Year from NWSSB. Also, present were representatives from H&R Block who gave the

SOYs gift coupons for tax returns. USAA gave each of the sailors a handsome Commemorative

Coin to celebrate their selection as SOY. I want to thank Bill Thompson and Don Pageler for the

effort that they put into making the awards and ceremony so meaningful. That being said, Bill

and Don have to do it again this month (February) because we have the awards ceremony for the

first SOQs on the 14th . As always, we would really appreciate it if you all could join us for the

program and presentations and bring your spouse, friend, partner or family member to the

Valentine’s Day luncheon.

Cindy Macha continues to deliver great speakers with interesting subjects that inform and

educate us. Sometimes we get active duty personnel, other times we will listen to an old aviator,

an author, a historian, an engineer or someone from industry. You never know what you are

going to get unless you check the OP-Plan or you just show up. Something new this month,

we have decided to disperse the SOQs amongst the tables so that you get a chance to actually

talk to these outstanding sailors.

Please try to attend our monthly meetings, if you can. It really helps Gramps in a number of

ways. Another way you can help is to recruit new members. The goal that I have set for myself

is to bring in one new member a year. When I reach that goal, I start a new year…no rest for the

“righteous” as they say. Just do your best in this regard by bringing friends or relatives to the

meetings. You never know… they might like the other members, the presentation and/or the

organization. Give it a try.

Thanks everyone for attending and being active. Oh yes, we are always looking for volunteers.

Those who are currently serving in a staff position really appreciate any assistance. I want to

thank a few of you who are already helping: Bruce Guberman who is indispensable with respect

to the AV portion of the presentation; Don Pageler who helps with the SOQ/SOY program by

soliciting gift certificates; Rod Losey, Don Spaulding and Dale Ledbetter who help set up and

take down table decorations/number, banners and flags; and special thanks to Dennis Zager for

photographing the entire meeting happenings.

A reminder: watch for articles in Wings of Gold that highlight the activities of GPS. Thanks to

Dave Malmad for making that happen. Thanks to Bill Thompson who runs the SOQ/SOY

program, contributes material to Dave for the WOG and also finds time to make sure that local

newspapers receive a press release about the SOQ/SOY program the very evening of our

meeting.   Great work you guys, and thank you.


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