Stories From Our Members, 9th Edition


The Grampaw Pettibone Squadron presents the 9th edition of our story hour for your consideration.

The light at the end of the tunnel appears to be getting brighter.  Communities around the country are slowly returning to a “new normal”.  We all look forward to reconnecting with friends, extended family and business associates. The hope is the return will lead to greater opportunities and success.

As we inch closer to reconnecting, I hope all readers have made use of these weekly moments to read the stories that have been shared by our members. Even after we are  able to meet in person, I hope we can still receive your stories and make this part of our new normal in a positive way.

This week’s contribution contains both serious as well as humorous moments.

Survival Training at Sea by Robert Olds

Uniform Change at Sea by Robert Olds

There’s also a special post, with a video, showing what it’s like landing an FA-18 on a carrier!

We hope you are all healthy or fully recovered if exposed..

We encourage you to reach out and share with the group your own experiences.  Click here:  LEARN HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY TODAY!


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