C.O. Briefing – November 2014


Our next speaker is very interesting on so many levels. He speaks fluent French and

Russian. He plays concert-level violin. And, he flies airplanes. Before you attend our meeting on 13 November you should pull out your copies of the Winter 2013 and Spring 2014 issues of Wings of Gold. See the article “Skyraiders Down in Algeria” by our speaker (page 42). The article is a two-parter, so after reading the Winter issue, go to the Spring issue, starting at page 48 under the title of “Down and Captured”. After reading the story you will get a better understanding of the whole story as told by a participant in the actual events at our luncheon on 13 November.

Jim Wasko, Maj Aric Liberman, Kelly Liberman

Jim Wasko, Maj Aric Liberman, Kelly Liberman

I want to thank Jim Wasko for providing a great meal and wonderful experience for our October speaker, Maj Aric Liberman and his wife, Kelly. See the accompanying photo with Mr. and Mrs. Liberman with Chris Mangan, the Manager of the Crab Cooker Tustin(on the left). And thank you too, to Ray LeCompte and Vince van den Brink for their contributions to making for a memorable trip for Aric and Kelly. The Libermans told me that they had a great time in Orange County! If any of our members want to travel over to Yuma to take a tour of the base, contact Vince and maybe he can put something together. Unfortunately, by the date of our next luncheon, we will have missed the Marine Corps birthday and Birthday Ball but I want to wish all Marines well on the 239th Birthday of their beloved Corps. Remind me next year and I will let you sing something in honor of the occasion at the luncheon before the birthday! We need you all to continue to recruit new members. We can only continue to attract good speakers if we have a vibrant and growing membership. It sure looks good when we have 75 members in the chairs for lunch and even better if there are 100! Bring guests and introduce them to our group and the interesting conversations that seem to pop up at the table. It is a great group of folks and we want to share the wealth! Also, each person who pays for lunch helps support our awards program for the Sailors of the Quarter at WSSB. We now honor eight (8) SOQs per quarter and two (2) SOY’s in February. That is a total of thirty-four awards (gifts) that we make every year. Luckily we have the support of a great bunch of members and a number of local restaurants and usinesses. Keep up the good work and recruit new members. And one last thing: we need new blood on the Staff. Many of us have been doing this work for many years…

long past when somebody should have replaced us. I don’t think that Hal is replaceable at OpPlan Editor but I am sure that he would love a bit of help putting together the OpPlan and getting it published. I know that George and Sel would love a little help with the growing SOQ Program. We all enjoy what we do but we have been doing it a long time. Contact any one of us should you wish to contribute more to Grampaw Pettibone Squadron operations.


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