C.O. Briefing – August 2018

Tim Brown - C.O. GPS

Tim Brown – C.O. GPS

I look forward to the briefing on 13 August by Lieutenant General David Berger, Commanding General of 1st Marine Expeditionary Forces. As you probably know, he has under his command, among many others, unit, the 3d Marine Air Wing. It should be an interesting presentation and gives our members a chance to interact with senior officers in the Marine Corps. Hopefully we will have a large turnout.

Sailors of the Quarter Awards will also be made at our next meeting. As you know, we have these presentations at the meetings in August, November, February and May. This gives our members an opportunity to meet and interact with active duty enlisted personnel who have performed their assigned responsibilities and discharged their duties at the highest level of competence. We hope that this activity prompts you to attend our luncheons.

My primary subject for this month is attendance and contributions to our “Great Guys” fund. Remembering that Gramps does not charge a membership fee, we have to have some sources of revenue with which to pay for our contributions to the SOQ program and other costs related to running the organization, including printing, postage, website maintenance and other related costs. Each paid lunch contributes about $1.50 to GPS. We also have the “Great Guys” who contribute a little extra to the coffers at meetings or by sending a check in the mail. We, the staff, who see these contributions, greatly appreciate those extra dollars! Please consider sending a little something whenever you can, it helps. If you like what we are doing, send money.

Finally, I received a call last month from one of our members who was having a hard time getting through to the staff about a subject that was near and dear to him. I gave him the various contact points so now he is fixed for the future. For all of the other members or interested folks who want to contact staff members, the email address for everybody except Dolores Hardy is in the masthead for the OpPlan. If you have a suggestion for person or subject that would be appropriate for presenting to our group at our monthly luncheon, please contact Cindy Macha, our Operations Officer. If your query or comment is other than a briefing item, I can be reached on my cell at (562) 547-0780 or you can leave a message on our telephone message number at (562) 287-4846. If you wish to send something to me via USPS (snail mail), my address is 5061 Marion Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630. I hope that this information helps.


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