LCDR Mays with Grandson and Great Grandson at Gramps Luncheon

L to R: Jeff Purdy , LCDR G.I.Mays, Kellen Dawson.

L to R: Jeff Purdy , LCDR G.I.Mays, Kellen Dawson.

Besides Andy Benjock, Wil Hardy and a couple of others, Gramps has a few more members who are older than 90 years. One of the others who does not attend every meeting like Andy, is ANA Life Member, LCDR G.I. Mays, USNR (Ret) who attended our last meeting with his grandson, Jeff Purdy, and his great grandson, Kellen Dawson.

LCDR Mays went on active duty on July 2, 1942, soon after the beginning of the war. He flew PBYs (“Catalina”) while stationed at Attu, conducting anti submarine patrols plus interdiction of enemy shipping. He was released from active duty on December 14, 1945. On July 16, 1948, at the beginning of the Korean War he was recalled to active duty. In the early days of that war he served as a flight instructor at Pensacola, FL. Later he was assigned to the USS Noble (APA-218) and participated in the Inchon landings, where LCDR Mays captained the lead boat in the Captain’s gig, guiding the marines landing during the invasion. He was again released from active duty on October 21, 1954.

After leaving the active duty Navy, LCDR Mays joined the Navy Reserve at Naval Air Station, Los Alamitos, in January 1955. He was transferred to inactive reserve in June, 1968. He retired with a total of 26 years of Naval Service. Thank you, LCDR Mays for attending our meeting and bringing along your grandson and great grandson.


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