Navy Looks to Remove “MAN” From All Job Titles


By Mark D, Faram – In Navy Times.

It Could spell the end of time-honored Navy titles like fireman and seaman. The Navy secretary has ordered the service to review all job titles and consider removing any reference to “man” in them, a move that could force name changes to nearly two dozen  specialties; from airman to yeoman. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus ordered the scrub as the force prepares to open the last remaining billets to women sailors in Marine ground combat elements and the Navy SEALs.

“Lastly, as we achieve full integration of the force … this is an opportunity to update the position titles and descriptions themselves to demonstrate through this language that women are included in these positions,” Mabus wrote, according to sources who quoted directly from the letter. “Ensure they are gender-integrated as well, removing “man” from these titles, and provide a report to me as soon as is practicable and no later than April 1 2016.”

Mabus sent the directive to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson. A similar memo and mandate was sent to the Marine Corps commandant, asking for the same job title review.

Some hallowed titles like seaman could be tough to replace, but others could be swapped with gender neutral descriptors as the service has done before. In 2005, for example, officials charged personnelman, a rating where many women had served, to personnel specialist.

There are at least 20 job titles that include the word “man.” Aviation has the most to review; with five of their 12 enlisted rating descriptions ending ‘with “man.” Surface engineering includes eight. …..

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