Sailor of the Quarter – September 2017


First row MA1 Chance Beckford, MASA Elannie Hernandez, LS2(SW)
Second row Chaplain Bill Thompson, MAC Jay Knox, NMC Luis
Flores, CMDCM Kirby Lee, CDR John Quillinan, CAPT Sel Ramsay
USN (Ret), CAPT Noel Dahlke

It was like a serendipity for members of Grampaw Pettibone Squadron when they met last week. Not only were the Sailors of the Quarter from the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station present but also the Commanding Officer of the Base, CAPTAIN Noel J. Dahlke USN was present. The sailors were with us to be honored for their accomplishments during the last quarter, and CAPTAIN Dahlke was there to be our guest speaker for the day. The sailors were honored with gifts from Grampaw Pettibone Squadron, gift certificates from restaurants in the area, and award plaques from USAA (insurance company).

L to R: CDR John Quillinan, XO NWSSB; CAPT Bob Olds USN
(Ret); CAPT Noel J. Dahlke, Commanding Officer NWSSB; Cynthia
Macha, GPS OPS.

The Naval Weapons Station selected Senior Sailor of the Quarter—MA1 Chance Beckford (from Pasadena); Junior Sailor of the Quarter—MA2 Devyn Lowers (not present because of duty conflict); and Bluejacket of the Quarter—MASA Elannie Hernandez (from Chicago). The Navy Munitions Command CONUS West Division Seal Beach (all under the command of CAPTAIN Dahlke) selected Senior Sailor of the Quarter—MN1(SW/EXW) Garett J. Schilz (not present because of duty conflict); Junior Sailor of the Quarter—LS2(SW) Gilberto Moreno, Jr. (from Hayword, CA).

Contributing gift certificates for the honored sailors were: on Main Street, Seal Beach: Avila’s El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant, Bistro St. Germain, Hennessey’s Tavern, and O’Malley’s On Main. Also, on Pacific Coast Highway, Seal Beach: Finbar’s Italian Restaurant, Glory Days Grill, and yucatan. Also, on Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach—MIMI’S. Also, on Newport Blvd, Newport Beach—Crabcooker. We appreciate their effort to honor these special sailors in a special way.

CAPTAIN Dahlke’s topic for us was “Ammo for the Fleet”. He discussed not only the work being done locally to load and unload ammo in Seal Beach but also the huge numbers of ammo facilities up and down the west coast. Most all of this support for practically all of our Pacific Fleet comes under the responsibility of our Seal Beach Weapons Station. He also discussed much that is being done to preserve the natural habitat to be found within the boundaries of the base. The need for the expansion of the docks at the base was part of his discussion.

L to R: Sel Ramsay, MA1 Chance Beckkford, CPO Jay Knox, MASA
Elannie Hernandez, CPO Luis Flores LS2 Gilberto Moreno, Bill

Another privilege we had was meeting the new (about two weeks) Executive Office who arrived about two weeks ago at the base. He is COMMANDER John Quillinan, and he and his family are still in the process of unpacking boxes.


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