Prostate Cancer


Although about one in 7 men will eventually be diagnosed with prostate cancer, the warning signs are often vague and may be confused with other conditions especially benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).. Prostate cancer is serious but not always fatal.  Men should talk with their doctors about getting screened, as screening can have side effects. Not every man with prostate cancer needs to have surgery. If the cancer is not the aggressive type, it may possibly be watched. Prostate cancer symptoms may include: Trouble starting the urine; Weak or interrupted flow; Urinating more at night; Trouble emptying the bladder; Pain, burning, or bleeding during urination; Painful ejaculation; Chronic pain in back hips or pelvis. Prostate cancer is rare under 40, but at 50 the risk increases. Nearly 6 of 10 men with prostate cancer are over 65. Black men are most likely to develop prostate cancer. Genetics may play a role. Educate yourself about the issue of screening; not all men with prostate cancer need surgery! discuss with your doctor/Urologist.


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