Parkinsons Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the Central Nervous System. The symptoms vary from person to person and in the early stages may be mild and unnoticed. Parkinson’s disease (P D) is a progressive disease and does get worse over time. PD affects an important brain chemical, reducing the brain’s production of dopamine- a chemical that sends signals that control movement. The cause of PD is unknown, but genetics and exposure to toxic chemicals may play a part. There are two types of P D symptoms: Motor symptoms as muscle tremors, slowness of movement, rigid muscles, balance problems,; also non-motor symptoms such as anxiety and depression, loss of mental acuity, insomnia with vivid dreams, constipation and impaired bladder control, drooling, impaired taste and swallowing, sexual dysfunction, vision problems and dizziness, sweating and body odor . PD gets worse over time. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, but the symptoms they do have become more frequent for both motor and non-motor symptoms, Hallucinations and delusions may occur.


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