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Did you catch the message of Christmas?  of Hanukah? or of another faith group?  Maybe at church, or synagogue, or another faith gathering?  If you missed God’s speaking to you, perhaps a prayer of Martin Luther might touch your heart:

“Behold, Lord, an empty vessel that needs to be filled.  My Lord, fill it.  I am weak in the faith; strengthen thou me.  I am cold in love; warm me and make me fervent that my love may go out to my neighbour.  I do not have a strong and firm faith; at times I doubt and am unable to trust thee altogether.  O Lord, help me.  Strengthen my faith and trust in thee. In thee I have sealed the treasures of all I have.  I am poor; thou art rich and didst come to be merciful to the poor.  I am a sinner; thou art upright.  With me there is an abundance of sin; in thee is the fullness of righteousness.  Therefore, I will remain with thee of whom I can receive but to whom I may not give.  Amen”  Martin Luther, 1483–1546


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