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I had just finished putting four wreaths on the front of our house for Christmas.  Now, the next task was to get a much larger and heavier wreath on the side of our garage which also faces the street. It required getting on a ladder and hanging the wreath on two nails almost four feet apart.  I started the climb with the wreath in one hand, but after two steps on the ladder I realized I might not be able to put it in its right place–it was just too heavy, AND Betty had told me not to climb any ladders at all.  If I fell and went to the hospital she would not visit me at all, she said.  It so happened that my next door neighbor’s college boy was home.  I went over and asked for his help.  And he put up the wreath for me.  I felt very humble because this was the first year I ever had to ask for help with this wreath.  But all is well today as I think about Valentine’s Day–not only the day you ask someone to be your Valentine, but also the day that you hope someone will ask you to be their Valentine.  Each of us has the need to be loved and the need to love someone else.  (I didn’t tell Betty I had to use the ladder with two steps on the smaller wreaths–should I?)


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