Aspirin Lowers Odd of Dying from Prostate Cancer

Dick Fields, Public Affairs Officer

Dick Fields, Public Affairs Officer

Aspirin lowers odds of dying from Prostate Cancer: Men who take aspirin regularly may have a lower risk of dying from prostate cancer a new study shows. They found that regular aspirin intake after prostate cancer diagnosis decreased the risk of prostate cancer death in almost 40 per cent, the Harvard study showed. However it is premature to recommend aspirin for prevention of lethal prostate cancer, but men with prostate cancer who may already benefit from aspirin’s cardiovascular effects could have one more reason to continue regular aspirin use. The speculation is that aspirin’s ability to suppress platelets in the blood- which is why aspirin can cause bleeding as a side effect- might help explain how aspirin could prevent the lethal progression of prostate cancer. Platelets probably shield circulating cancer cells from immune recognition. By depleting the platelets you’re allowing the immune system to recognize the cancer. Also, aspirin may prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts of their body. Men who took more than 3 aspirin tablets a week had a 24 % lower risk of getting a lethal prostate cancer. Regular aspirin use after diagnosis with prostate cancer was associated with a 39 Per Cent lower risk of dying from prostate cancer.


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