Global Hawk Still in Combat

Col Robert C. Ettinger USAF(Ret)

Col Robert C. Ettinger USAF(Ret)

The Eye In the Sky that Never Sleeps is constantly patrolling the skies of Iraq, Iran, and many more places we are not meant to know, watching over the trouble spots, and helping to keep our soldiers, and the local civilians they are trying to protect, safe from harm. This “eye” is actually a whole array of high-and low-altitude, unmanned aircraft, and the capabilities they give to our forces in uniform is awe-inspiring. Using a variety of sensors, these amazing platforms watch, identify, evaluate, and if necessary, attack anyone who is trying to cause harm. Since the launching of large numbers of these aircraft, the casualty rates of soldiers and civilians has dropped, dramatically. The terrorists are finding that they are operating in a much more dangerous environment, and often as not, they never know what hits them. Colonel Ettinger had previously completed a distinguished career in the US Air Force, where he flew many combat missions over North Vietnam, flew as a test pilot on numerous systems, directed test organizations, and ultimately, served as Vice Commander of the Air Force Flight Test Center, at Edwards Air Force Base. He is sure to have some fascinating and exciting stories to share with us.


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