Casting Your Ballot

Bill Thompson - Chaplin

Bill Thompson – Chaplin

Recently we all went through the process of casting our ballots for the candidates and propositions of our choice. We stood alone in the privacy of our voting booths (if we didn’t mail in our ballot). I found myself wishing that I had been better informed–especially in regard to some of the items in front of me. My decision making process was flawed! So, for myself, I have reviewed some of the techniques that would help in good decision making. Though simple, they serve as a refresher course:

1, Identify the purpose of your decision. To be a good citizen in casting my vote for the good of my country. .

2, Gather information. What do you need to know before you can make a decision?

3. Identify the principles to judge the alternatives. What are your values and interests?

4. Evaluate each choice in terms of its consequences. What are the pros and cons?

5. Determine the best alternative. Based on everything considered.

6. Put the decision into action. Transform your decision into a specific plan of action. Execute your plan. Step into the voting booth with confidence you are following God’s will to the best of your knowledge and faith.

7. Evaluate the outcome of your decision and action steps. What lessons can be learnt? Certainly you can never know in advance whether a decision will be correct, therefore, you must be prepared to take risks. However, let’s not get stuck and do nothing. Or to state it positively: Make sure that you cast your vote when the opportunity comes!


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