Thunderstorm Penetrations; Hazards, Stalls and Maurvers – CDR Robert Johnson, USN (Ret)

CDR Robert Johnson, USN (Ret)

CDR Robert Johnson, USN (Ret)

Numerous commercial aircraft accidents and incidents occurred in 2015 plus AF 447 in 2009 involving the penetration of severe thunderstorms. In researching those accidents and incidents, it is alarming that thunderstorms are not understood by flight crews and the aviation industry, nor are the dangers they pose to aircraft. This presentation includes a review of Thunderstorm Penetration Tests by DZ Skalla (M) while a Navy test pilot flying the F-3H Demon 1960-61, the only real documented in depth testing on planned thunderstorm penetrations (over 200 penetrations) plus CDR Johnson’s personal experience and the numerous commercial aircraft accidents and incidents in 2015. In addition to the thunderstorm hazards; stalls, maneuverability, Airborne Weather Avoidance Radar and Pilot in Command aspects will be covered.


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