Tomorrow’s Navy – U.S. 3rd Fleet


Gramps was honored to have Vice Admiral Kenneth Floyd come to speak to us this month. Admiral Floyd is the Commander of the U.S. Third Fleet operating in the Pacific all the way from San Diego to the International Date Line. The area covered is approximately fifty three million square miles of ocean. The Third Fleet is one of the Navy’s
six active fleets and has been present in the Pacific for the benefit of our country since WW-II. Their intent is to be friendly to all but ready for anything. Recently they hosted a Chinese naval leader who was the chief of naval operations for that country. There is a first coordinated operation involving China as a participant in the naval exercise in Hawaii. Canada also participated in the Hawaiian exercise.

The Third Fleet is committed to training of Navy and Marine troops for combat operations.  One of the Fleet’s carriers, the U.S.S. Nimitz, was sent to the Red Sea concerning the Syrian civil war. He described its capabilities, combat power and performance as excellent, even though the rules of engagement were not clear. He evaluated the Navy as the U.S.A’s best investment for any future global conflict. He described how the current Navy is built on the foundation of the Navy in the past, retaining the lessons and values that we have had for many years. He emphasized that we need to continue
that process.

He was asked about the role of women in the combat arena and stated that they are being treated more equally now than
ever. The U.S.S. Eisenhower was the first ship to take women into a combat zone where they serviced and flew aircraft among other duties.

He was asked about the Korean peninsula and told of the Seventh Fleet’s coverage of that area with at least one carrier always available. Another issue was where does the Chinese navy now stand as a Pacific power? His response was that they still have a long way to go to become a true “Blue Water Power”.

We thank Vice Admiral Floyd for his many years of service at many levels and hisfriendly and informative presentation to GPS. We wish him and his command every success in the future.


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