Building Victory – Dana T. Parker


“Just start building” was the direction given to the president of Boeing. In the days following Pearl Harbor, American Industry was told to do whatever they did best, and the American and Allied military leadership would figure out how to use the output to best advantage. American ingenuity was the engine that would meet the advancing wall of world despotism, and American ingenuity had what it took to defeat the threat. Southern California housed some of the most productive manifestations of this ingenuity. Although they couldn’t know it at the time, the self-appointed dictators of the world were about to meet the awesome power of free enterprise, and the meeting would not be a happy one for the dictators. The unprecedented phenomenon of American technological and industrial prowess was about to teach a lasting lesson to would-be despots around the world. This lesson is chronicled in BUILDING VICTORY, a new book by Dana T. Parker, in which he describes the dizzying pace at which American industry, particularly that segment located in the Los Angeles area, answered the call for the defeat of despotism. It is an exciting and inspirational story. Join us, to hear the author of this fascinating account regale us with the almost magical story of the industry that saved the civilized world from the yoke of dictatorship.

Dana is a functional manager for a major containership company operating in the port of Los Angeles. He is a multi-talented individual who portrays historic figures, most notably James Madison, and who demonstrates practical skills from America’s Colonial and Post-Colonial past.


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