Membership – December 2017


There is still 2 weeks of free admission for Veterans at Knott’sBerry Farm (see last month’s OpPlan, or call Knott’s). Again, thank you, Knott’s! And thanks, too, to our many members who have contributed to making the recognition awards honoring our Active Duty Sailors of the Quarter and Sailors Of The Year possible! And we are grateful for the wonderful speakers we have C O Tim Brown and wife Julie. Morningside Christmas Village had who have taken their time to share their interesting viewpoints and adventures with us every month, which keep us knowledgeable and current with Navy activity. We thank them greatly!

A side note of interest: Our field trip to the attack submarine USS Pasadena was located at the same spot in Los Angeles Harbor, near the ship Lane Victory, that the recent TV program “NCIS Los Angeles” had a bomb-laden ambulance take a speedy flying leap into the water!


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