Vietnam Daily Reconnaissance – The Challenges of Interdicting North Vietnamese Logistics via the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Cambodia


Vietnam daily Reconnaissance – The challenges of interdicting North Vietnamese logistics via the Ho chi Minh trail through Cambodia

As a member of the 4th Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon in remote locations in the central highlands in 1970, Sergeant Milliken’s job was to employ small unit tactics to detect and identify route of travel and caches of materiel for larger units to attack and interdict. This difficult and dangerous assignment required him and his fellow recon soldiers to seek out enemy concentrations and movements.

About our speaker:

Douglas Milliken, Sergeant US Army Vietnam War, Recon Platoon

  • Retired automotive engineer, (developing high performance Garretttm Turbochargers for Worldwide Motor Racing, with Honeywell International)
  • Vietnam veteran (1969-1970) – Sergeant, US Army. Infantry squad leader in the Reconnaissance Platoon of the 3rd Battalion of the 8th Infantry Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division
  • Participant in Operation Binh Tay I, the largest US helicopter combat assault of the Vietnam war, in an attack on the Ho Chi Minh trail in Cambodia
  • Recipient of the Bronze Star(v) medal, the Purple Heart, the Air Medal, and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross
  • Author of the book “Testimony of the Protected,” about coping in Vietnam combat before having come to faith, and about eventually coming to faith in the aftermath of combat
  • Four time national go-kart champion, in the 1970s
  • Volunteer for the freedom committee of Orange County, making presentations in school classrooms to educate students about the cost of freedom, as part of the Orange County California “living history” program.

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