C.O. Briefing – April 2018


Tim Brown – C.O. GPS

I do hope that you have received your Spring 2018 issue of Wings of Gold. You might have noticed that there is a two-page spread (pages 44-45) on Grampaw Pettibone

Squadron activities. Thanks to Dave Malmad and Bill Thompson for doing a wonderful job of getting the word out.

There is also a very nice article about Captain Zip Rausa, USNR (Ret), the long-time Editor of WOG, who passed away on 4 January. I bring this up because on 10 March I was with Zip’s son, CDR Zeno Rausa, USN (Ret), at a breakfast meeting of Special Forces Association Chapter 78 to listen to COL Paul Longgrear, USA (Ret), tell about the Battle of Lang Vei. Paul made a point of stating that but for Zip’s actions, none of the men would have made it out alive after the camp was overrun by an overwhelming number of enemy troops supported by tanks.

Another thing that you need to take a look at is the GPS website (www.gpsana.org). Viki Nazarian, our new webmaster is putting some interesting touches/improvements on the website. She has added a page of business cards for all of the restaurants that support our SOQ Awards Program through gift certificates to the SOQs. If you see a business card for a restaurant that you frequent, and if you know the owner or manager, let that person know how much we appreciate their support of the sailors and GPS.

Finally, I would remind you that this organization needs your support in the form of your participation. I continue to harp on everyone about getting new members, but don’t forget that we need you to attend the luncheons too. Please make an effort to attend. And, if you are going to attend, please MAKE A RESERVATION! At our last meeting we had about half of the group show up without calling or emailing in a reservation. Luckily the Elks did a great job filling the plates of all who attended, but someday I might not get anything to eat because I am the last one in line.


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