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Bill Thompson – Chaplin

By the time you read this note, two very significant religious celebrations may be over for this year. I’m thinking of the week of Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday (March 25 through April 1) and Passover (March 30 through April 7). Jews and Christians are called to remember how God chose to rescue us from the evil that frequently invades our lives: both physical and spiritual. Both holidays call us to peace within ourselves and peace with all mankind and with God. There may have been events that preceded both Passover and Easter this year that could have helped us prepare for a more significant time of renewing our relationship with God. Think about the way the young people in Parkland, Florida, have responded to the loss of seventeen of their fellow students and teachers. There has been an amazing response from them to alert all of us not to stand idly by and wait for someone else to deal with this extremely complex problem of violent deaths and suffering. They have responded with determination and unity to do all they can to get our attention and call us to action. They have helped us—even senior citizens—to know we must work together on this problem. An 18-year-old student, a senior at San Juan Hills High School, was quoted in a local newspaper that “The success of last week’s walkout was because it was nonpartisan and the focus was on victims. Student support came from both the Young Democrats and the Young Republicans Club. Students with NRA shirts stood in solidarity with us.” There were numerous demonstrations all over the country on March 24th. The testimonies we heard are unforgettable. Now, go back, when you have time, and read Isaiah 11:6 which ends with “…and a little child will lead them.” Are you thinking what I am thinking?


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