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Bill Thompson – Chaplin


One of the holidays in May is Memorial Day. I remember an interesting poem, and I share the heart of the poem with you. It’s about a youngster who was just 14. His dream was to join the military and become a

Marine. Being 14 he could not join up. To remedy the situation, he decided to falsify his birth certificate shortly after he turned 15. That worked, and after finishing his basic training, he was sent off to the war in Vietnam. In June of 1969 he was killed at age 15. Dan Bullock, who wrote the poem, concludes with this: “He became the youngest soldier to be (KIA) killed in action for his country.I discovered the story about him inadvertently while researching other subjects. Prior to a few days ago, I had never heard of him. Now, I shall not fail to honor him.”


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